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Switch on your SuperMind!

Start Date15 Aug 2019 9:00 AM
End Date15 Aug 2019 12:00 PM
City Sydney
VenueHuman Synergistics Office
Level 6
41 McLaren Street

NotesLearn to think like a disruptor!

This event is an introduction to Extrem3e Thinking®, a way to help develop your creative thinking and Self Actualising.

Overwhelmed by sheer volume and speed of data in our day to day, most of us try to do our best thinking on the run. Under this kind of pressure though our brains can go into overload and thinking becomes scattered, foggy or fragmented, making it difficult to think let alone be creative!

Yet, we have never required more creative thinking and innovation than we do now! Leaders are being asked to do more, with less and to think “outside the box”.

Through a simple sequence of practices called “Extrem3e Thinking®”, anyone can learn how to tap into the power of their SuperMind. So called because it is the state of mind we enter just before we experience those ‘Aha!’ (or ‘lightbulb’) moments that transform stale, predictable responses into refreshing, inspired solutions.

A pragmatic and action oriented introductory exploration of our brains at work and what conditions promote higher levels of performance and creative thinking. Participants will:

Understand and be able to describe the science underlying Aha! Moments and how to apply this knowledge when you are struggling with solving problems

Learn about the “Try Harder Cycle” and period of frustration that often precedes ‘aha’ moments and how to reframe it to be a more useful experience

Learn to implement the 4 steps that will help you breakthrough when you are stuck on a problem, turning ideas from being good to great

Take away techniques and tools for staying calm in the moment and for activating your SuperMind

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