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Sustainable and Meaningful Change

Our Consultants are a globally recognised platform of experts in Leadership, Team and Culture
development solutions.

Our fully accredited consultants are world-class professionals with extensive experience in creating sustainable
individual, group and organisational performance. They provide thought leadership to internal professionals and
can work directly with you to help you achieve striking and genuine change.

Our Consultants

David Byrum, Managing Director
University of Sydney &
Accredited Practitioner

David's passion is supporting and creating environments where people are growing, empowered, exploring new options, stretching and being themselves. It not only makes a difference for the organisation but also for the broader connections of the organisation and individuals.

Corinne Canter,
Head Of Consulting
University of NSW,
Macquarie University &
Accredited Practitioner

Corinne’s great strength in business is her ability to balance strong relationships with creative problem
solving of pain points. She is not afraid to challenge the norm in supporting her clients find new and
different ways of doing things, enabling senior leaders to stretch out of their comfort zones.

Fiona Hogarth,
Griffith University &
Accredited Practitioner

Fiona's specialisations include Leadership Development, Organisational Culture and Change, HR Strategy and Learning and Development. Fiona’s ability to convert conceptual ideas into practical applications is a key strength and enables her to
effectively operate strategically and operationally to ensure achievement of business outcomes.

Dominic Gourley,
Macquarie University &
Accredited Practitioner

Author of our weekly podcast “Culture Bites”. Dom's
aim is to help everyone understand the value of ‘great’ Culture and why it matters in this ever changing climate. He takes complicated concepts around creating effective organisational culture and presents change solutions to help companies achieve challenging and realistic goals.

Ash Smith,
Bachelor of Business,
Southern Cross
University & Langley Group

Ash specialises in a Positive Psychology approach in utilising tools and change strategies that help
individuals achieve their potential, groups to realise synergy, leaders to have a positive impact on others
and organisations to achieve sustainability. 

Leaders & Managers

Develop leaders and managers to have a constructive impacts on the organisation.

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