The distinguishing feature of leading organisations is their culture. It affects performance, employee engagement and the ability to create an innovative and positive work environment. Our experience shows us that culture can be managed. Our industry-leading diagnostic tools and experienced team can help you with the right change solution.

Build High Performing Organisations

Our research tells us that organisations with more Constructive Cultures experience overall better outcomes

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More motivated employees

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More effective teamwork

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More adaptable to their environment

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Higher quality performance


Organisational Culture Inventory® (OCI)

The Organisational Culture Inventory® (OCI) provides a picture of an organization’s operating culture in terms of the behaviours that members believe are expected or implicitly required. By guiding the way in which members approach their work and interact with one another, these ‘behavioural norms’ determine the organisation’s capacity to solve problems, adapt to change, and perform effectively.


Organisational Effectiveness InventoryTM (OEI)

A research-based alternative to employee engagement and opinion surveys, the Organisational Effectiveness Inventory™ (OEI) is appropriate for data-based change programs designed to promote not only employee engagement but organisational effectiveness as well. The Organisational Effectiveness Inventory™ (OEI) assesses outcomes at the individual, group, and organisational levels and internal processes and systems that are causally related to culture and these outcomes.


Customer ServiceStylesTM Survey (CSS)

Customer ServiceStyles™ Survey (CSS) provides deep insights into the factors explaining the quality of service provided to internal or external clients by assessing service styles – that is, how service providers approach their work and interact with customers.

Diagnostic Solutions for Individuals - Human Synergistics

Hands-On Change Experts

Our consultants can help you build a world-class organisational development program. By understanding your specific needs and measuring your current situation we can plan for, and implement, meaningful change at all levels of your organisation. Our expert consultants will work closely with your internal team to empower culture change.


Develop employees to improve effectiveness, quality of interpersonal relationships, and satisfaction and health.

Groups & Teams

Develop groups and teams to achieve greater synergy and problem-solving effectiveness.

Leaders & Managers

Develop leaders and managers to have a constructive impacts on the organisation.

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