Our accreditation and training programs up-skill change agents to use the Human Synergistics diagnostic system to produce measurable improvements in individuals, groups and organisations. This network of change agents supports us in our vision of Changing the World – One Organisation at a Time®.

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Of Australia’s top 200 companies work with us


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Becoming Accredited

Gaining accreditation equips professionals with the tools and skills to support transformational change, as well as access to continual development and knowledge sharing.

Accreditation Workshops

We offer a combination of face-to-face and interactive workshops that prepare you to expertly apply our diagnostics, surveys and simulations to meet a variety of organisational change and development goals, including developing effective employees and teams, enhancing the impact of leaders, and building constructive cultures.

Ongoing Professional Development

We make a commitment to continuously develop and support our Accredited Practitioner community, through a range of development events and opportunities.

See our Calendar of events to find out how we can support in propelling your career.

Our Integrated Approach

Our Integrated Diagnostic System uses the Circumplex to display visual feedback for individuals, teams, managers, leaders, and organisations, enabling you to use a common language at all levels.

Our Consultants

Our consultants are recognised world-class professionals with extensive experience in the process of creating sustainable performance. They can work directly with you to help you achieve genuine change.

Become Accredited

Empower your staff or yourself with our industry recognised accreditation and application workshops. We give people the skills to transform organisations from the inside out.

Want to achieve genuine change & unlock growth within your business?

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