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Culture Experts

We specialise in developing and providing tools, information and proven change strategies that help enable individuals to reach their potential, groups to realise synergy, and organisations to achieve sustainability. We help to develop effective leaders, innovative teams, and positive workplace cultures.

Human Synergistics Circumplex

The Human Synergistics Circumplex provides a way to see, measure, and change the thinking and behavioural styles proven to drive the performance of not only individuals but also groups and organisations.

Human Synergistics - About Us

Our History

Human Synergistics has had an international reputation for innovation in the field of organisational development for over 50 years.

Our People

We have a dynamic team passionate about helping you and your organisation reach its potential.

How Culture Works

What does ‘culture’ really mean, how does it work, and what impact does it have on performance? Take an interactive journey to get an overview of how culture works.

Our Integrated Approach

Our Integrated Diagnostic System uses the Circumplex to display visual feedback for individuals, teams, managers, leaders, and organisations, enabling you to use a common language at all levels.

Case Studies

Find out how other organisations are creating change and achieving results.

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