Groups and Teams

Groups and Teams

Teams working with synergy will often achieve more as a group than would be possible on their own. Our diagnostic solutions for groups and teams can help you achieve better outcomes through constructive teamwork and problem-solving.

Creating High Performing Teams

Our research tells us that Constructive teams achieve significantly better outcomes.

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More effective when working together

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More committed

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Less likely to waste time

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Increase in quality of solutions


Group Styles InventoryTM (GSI)

Designed for serious team-building programs, the Group Styles Inventory™ (GSI) assesses the way in which team members interact with one another and approach problems and decisions. The results show how the group can develop itself to achieve synergy.


Industry-Leading Team-Building Simulations

Individual improvement is best achieved by working with a professional consultant in the role of performance coach ‐ someone who can help people to understand their own thinking and behaviour and identify strategies for improved effectiveness. Our consultants can help you to plan and deliver a complete individual development experience, including program design and delivery.

Diagnostic Solutions for Individuals - Human Synergistics

Consulting and Coaching

Expert Consultants & Facilitators

Achieving greater synergy requires the application of certain task and interpersonal skills, great team leadership and at times a facilitator to help the team build on their strengths and overcome obstacles to high performance. Our consultants are all skilled facilitators who can help your groups become high-performing teams.


Develop groups and teams to achieve greater synergy and problem-solving effectiveness.

Leaders & Managers

Develop leaders and managers to have a constructive impacts on the organisation.


Build a culture that inspires innovation, better customer service and sustainable performance.

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