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GSI : Getting the most out of Teams

Start Date29 Nov 2019 1:00 PM
End Date29 Nov 2019 4:00 PM
City Melbourne
VenueHuman Synergistics Office
Level 1
80 Dorcas Street
South Melbourne
Notes*This event has reached capacity, please email to be placed on the waitlist

Teams 0.1

If you're accredited in the Life Styles Inventory™ (LSI) then you're accredited to use the Group Styles Inventory™ (GSI) too!

This event is for Accredited Practitioners to learn about the GSI, to continue their Human Synergistics Toolkit learning through the Development Pathway.

The GSI is the only research-based tool of its kind that provides a proven, valid and reliable measure of how people in groups interact with each other and work as a team. This event will teach you how to run and facilitate a GSI within an organisation and build your knowledge of debriefing the GSI to generate insights and actions of a team.

• Learn different ways to apply the GSI within an organisation setting
• Experience a practical approach to debriefing a GSI
• Learn how other organisations have applied the GSI and generated insights/actions
• Increased confidence in guiding your clients through a GSI so that they can generate insights and real-life application

What’s Next?

Following this event, we suggest you register for the next Team event to continue your growth through the Development Pathway; “Program Design for High Performing Teams” is a full day event teaching you practical tools and techniques to help you develop and enhance effectiveness in teams through program design.

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