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This year, we take a fun approach to how people have adapted to the changing world and working from home through the different Circumplex styles in this animated card.

Can you easily describe your organisations culture? Do you know how it helps or hinders your efforts to achieve excellence? Do you know how to leverage its strengths and eliminate its weaknesses? What is culture and how does it differ from climate? This is not just an academic question. Shaun helps to answer these questions

IBM is one of the world’s most iconic brands. For over a 100 years it has been at the forefront of technological progress bringing world-changing ideas to its’ clients, the community and the world. David shares how this belief has shaped the IBM A|NZ journey in evolving its culture to the next level.

Frasers Property Australia have transformed their company culture from one that was often defensive, oppositional and competitive to one that is consistently constructive, collaborative and focused on developing people. Ranna shares Frasers Property's insights and what the key moments of pivot have been over the last 5 years to getting culture right and what it has meant for their employees and customers.

The minute by minute posting, whether it be to LinkedIn, twitter, Instagram or Facebook means the trust equation has been turned on its head. Corporate spin has been neutralised, transparency is not discretionary. In this thought-provoking presentation, Rob and Corinne argue that organisations need a fresh and more sustainable mindset towards culture.

Shaun McCarthy talks about the relationship between leader’s impact, decisions leaders make and the impact this has on the way people believe they have to behave in an organisation.

Kate Evans share's the decisions, approach and performance data through her insightful and personal experiences with SHAPE.

Dr Cooke talks about the relationship between an organisation’s culture and collateral damage, and how it can enable us to work to reduce the likely hood, the probability and severity of collateral damage.

Christian Campanella share's how developing leaders has positively impacted their teams and has achieved business results which exceeded expectations.

Corinne Canter share's how our new technology is providing teams with valuable insights through real-time feedback.

Rebecca Kardos share’s her personal story and insights as a CEO of the ups and downs of culture transformation.

Shaun McCarthy talks about the impact culture has from the individual all the way to the entire enterprise.

"Leaders who choose constructive behaviours create effective cultures in which others thrive and achieve better results." Rob Murray explains why he thinks boards need to measure their own culture and behaviour.

"Culture defines the qualities and personality of any organisation and can be the most valuable asset you own." Grant Blackley shares his thoughts on why culture is in the DNA of your company.

Dr Cooke the CEO and Director of Human Synergistics International, talks about the difference between Culture and Climate, and why the difference matters to you.

"If we are going to get the best out of people, we have to be able to connect with what sparks their motivation." Mary Lemonis shares why the one thing she wish everyone knew about culture, is that "It's Personal"

Sam O'Brien shares his one thing he wish everyone knew about culture. Passionate about leadership development and creating a highly engaged workplace, Sam talks about "staying true to your purpose".

Jon Scriven focuses on the incredible changes currently impacting the Aviation Industry and how Qantas are adapting to and managing these changes through Culture and Leadership throughout the Qantas business.

Fresh back from Rio after winning gold in the first ever Paratriathlon at the Paralympics, Katie talks about her own road to Rio as well as challenges she has faced in her professional career.

Shaun McCarthy talks about the interrelated nature of Leadership and Culture.