Video – 2023 Culture & Leadership Conference

Thank you to everyone who attended this year’s Culture and Leadership conference in Sydney and Melbourne. We hope you were inspired by our speakers and their insights from real world experiences, to begin or continue your own journey’s. We are thrilled to share some of the highlights here with you.

If we are going to Change the World – One Organisation at a Time ™ we can only do it together with our amazing community – so thanks for coming out and supporting us.

Todd Saunders, Executive General Manager, Australia and New Zealand, Sanitarium The Health Food Company
Peter Hartnett, Head of People & Culture, Sanitarium The Health Food Company

Culture is key to generating long term sustainability.

A long-term focus on Culture has had a profound impact on the way Sanitarium go about everything in their business, and the way they lead their people. It is this same focus on culture that saw them weather the challenges of the past few years and come out stronger.

Sanitarium’s purpose is to change lives through whole person health; they have been Australia’s premier health food company for over 100 years and through commitment to this purpose, and their constructive values, they have created some of our most trusted brands. In this story Todd and Peter share the Sanitarium story, touching on themes such as trust, competitive advantage, the impact of leaders, and how culture has driven the way they recruit and retain their people.


Congratulations to Sanitarium for winning a Human Synergistics Culture Transformation Award in 2023!

Nicole Gower, Vice-President, Professional Services, Macquarie University

“To achieve our ambitious transformation strategy, aligning leadership and culture was key!”

Over the past decade, organisations have grappled with the ups and downs of the rapidly evolving economic, social, and technological landscape. For Australian universities, this challenge was particularly pronounced with the emergence of Covid-19. This global upheaval further compounded the pressures on a sector already recognising the imperative to undergo transformative shifts not just to endure but truly flourish in this ever-changing and demanding environment.

Macquarie University adopted a distinctive methodology to confront this multi-faceted challenge in line with its established reputation for innovation and exploration. Their approach was firmly grounded in unified leadership and an unwavering commitment to upholding the core values that lie at the heart of their culture.


Peter Knoblanche, CEO Rabobank Australia (recently retired)

Rabobank – Growing Together

Rabobank – the world’s leading Food and Agribusiness bank – is committed to their purpose of supporting their clients to feed the world more sustainably. Peter Knoblanche, the bank’s recently retired CEO, shares the Rabobank story and journey towards a constructive culture. Peter has a particular passion for connecting business drivers to a higher purpose, to actively contribute to growing a better world together.

In an industry that has been under increasing pressure and regulation, Rabobank’s focus on their people and culture has resulted in a highly engaged organisation with strong connection to their purpose. Peter shares some of the ways in which they have achieved such shifts – including a strong partnership between the CEO and HR – and the impact this has had throughout Rabobank.


Congratulations to Rabobank for winning a Human Synergistics Culture Transformation Award in 2023!

Leaders Panel

Why is culture the only game in town you need to win? This panel brings together a group of industry leaders for a dynamic discussion around culture and leadership in action.

We asked our panelists about the importance of culture and leadership, the role leaders should play, and for their own tips for people beginning their own journey.

Mary Lemonis, Chief People and Sustainability Officer, REA Group

Vanessa Riley, Chief People Officer, Richard Crookes Constructions (Sydney panel only)

Tanya Deans, President, Hanes Brands Australasia (Melbourne panel only)

Shaun McCarthy, Chair, Human Synergistics Australia & NZ



Corinne Canter, Head of Consulting, Human Synergistics Australia

Unleashing the Power Duo: Leadership and Culture to unlock growth.

In any organisation, the partnership between leadership and culture is a game-changer. The fusion of leadership and culture drives remarkable change. Beyond the adage that “culture begins at the top”, lies a profound interaction between these two dynamics. How do they synergise to cultivate a high-performing, constructive culture? Drawing from five decades of Human Synergistics’ research and real-world experience, Corinne explores the pivotal role of leadership practices in reshaping culture, unlocking potential, and guiding a path towards a thriving future.


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