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Thank-you For Your Continued Support!

By David Byrum

Looking back on 2022, we at Human Synergistics Australia are very thankful for all the support we have enjoyed from our network of clients and Accredited Practitioners.

While Covid continued to interrupt a few events and key opportunities in 2022 we are looking forward to 2023 as the year we enjoy reconnecting face-to-face with our Conference in Sydney earmarked for 5 September and Melbourne for 13 September – so please save the date.

As we face forward to 2023, we continue to focus on the importance of Culture underpinning the power of positive workplaces. Culture is airborne, socially transmitted explicitly and implicitly – it’s what we are taught, what we observe and what determines organisational performance. Organisational Culture and Climate, including employee Engagement are separate but related. If Engagement is the WHAT, then Climate is the HOW and of course Culture is the WHY.

Our collective challenge to build awareness, knowledge and capability with respect to these differences between Culture, Climate and Engagement in order to maximise the impact organisations have for their employees, customers and shareholders remains for the year ahead. We will also continue our focus on the importance of Leadership with respect to creating and sustaining an effective Organisational Culture and in turn Performance.

A huge thank you to our community of accredited practitioners as we collectively change the world, one organisation at a time. We are all making an incredible difference to many individuals, teams and organisations which is definitely something to be celebrated as we close out 2022.

We wish you and those important to you a safe, relaxing, and fun time over the festive season and a prosperous more stable year ahead.

Very best wishes for the festive season.



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