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Published on 28 Feb 2018

Human Synergistics is proud to be supporting Homeward Bound Projects; A leadership outreach initiative for women with a science background

Published on 07 Feb 2018

Last week CareerTrackers held their 8th Annual Gala Dinner along with over 2,000 people, comprising of indigenous students and senior business leaders from large household name companies including Westpac, Bupa, Telstra and Qantas. 

Published on 19 Dec 2017

This year to align with our mission of “Changing the World – One Organization at a Time®”, we have chosen to once again support the following charities in place of our usual gifts.

Published on 13 Dec 2017

Our amazing community gave up their time to help the 2017 batch of CareerTrackers interns with their mindsets for entering the business world

Published on 08 Nov 2017

Our team analysed 265 senior New Zealand leaders in the 2017 Leadership/Impact diagnostic tour. Darren Levy shares the findings

Published on 31 Oct 2017

These are the workers who fear they will not have a job to go to in 10 years – and those who think they will never get replaced by robots.

Published on 31 Oct 2017

Neil McGregor talks to the New Zealand Herald about defensive leaders and the key to CEO's improving is embracing their commitment to change. 

Published on 17 Oct 2017

Shaun McCarthy was featured in an opinion piece in the Australian Financial Review commenting on aggressive cultures and the lack of diversity inside the Finance Industry.

Published on 13 Oct 2017

Yarra Valley Water featured on HR Daily - "Case Study: Transforming a struggling culture"

Published on 13 Oct 2017

"The parallels to our journey as a leader are uncanny and there is a great deal of literature out there about what makes a great leader." David Byrum shared his "Seven Cs of Leadership"

Published on 28 Sep 2017

Shaun McCarthy reflects on "Culture: How we do it around here" in ABC interview with Richard Aedy.

Published on 20 Sep 2017

Mary Lemonis, vice-president of human resources at Campbell Arnotts, talks about vulnerability and how this can be an indicator of those who will do well in the corporate world. 

Published on 15 Sep 2017

Videos and presentations from our 2017 Culture and Leadership conference: "The One Thing I Wish Everyone Knew About Culture..."

Published on 14 Sep 2017

Congratulations to our Australian, 2017 Culture Award winners. The Culture Transformation and Sustainability Awards recognise organisations which have created a Constructive Culture or sustained a Constructive Culture on a subsequent remeasure using the Organisational Culture Inventory® (OCI). This year we are pleased to publicly announce eight award winners:

Published on 14 Sep 2017

Shaun McCarthy Opinion Piece on the state of the Finance Industry. This piece was featured in the Daily Telegraph and Herald Sun

Published on 15 Aug 2017

In order to best set you up for success, we've created a new resources section within the Accredited Login section of the website. The resources section contains some of the most common requests we get - all newly created or updated.

Published on 01 Aug 2017

We examine both Culture and Climate (engagement) and present a systematic way of measuring and changing employee experience within organisations in Australia and New Zealand.

Published on 27 Jul 2017

Our consultant, Neil McGregor, has been awarded the Prime Minister’s business scholarship. Neil will Neil attend the Harvard Business School, Advanced Management Programme in order to expand his knowledge on developing innovative business models.

Published on 26 Jul 2017

There has been a lack of clarity around the role of the Board in organisational culture – particularly in terms of governance and management. But there is little doubt that Boards play a pivotal role in developing and changing an organisation’s culture.

Published on 29 Jun 2017

Join us for our 19th Annual Australian Conference on Culture and Leadership - together we can 'change the world one organisation at a time®'

What's the one thing you wish everyone knew about culture?