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Published on 15 Aug 2017

In order to best set you up for success, we've created a new resources section within the Accredited Login section of the website. The resources section contains some of the most common requests we get - all newly created or updated.

Published on 01 Aug 2017

We examine both Culture and Climate (engagement) and present a systematic way of measuring and changing employee experience within organisations in Australia and New Zealand.

Published on 27 Jul 2017

Our consultant, Neil McGregor, has been awarded the Prime Minister’s business scholarship. Neil will Neil attend the Harvard Business School, Advanced Management Programme in order to expand his knowledge on developing innovative business models.

Published on 26 Jul 2017

There has been a lack of clarity around the role of the Board in organisational culture – particularly in terms of governance and management. But there is little doubt that Boards play a pivotal role in developing and changing an organisation’s culture.

Published on 29 Jun 2017

Join us for our 19th Annual Australian Conference on Culture and Leadership - together we can 'change the world one organisation at a time®'

What's the one thing you wish everyone knew about culture?

Published on 16 Jun 2017

The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate the relevance, usefulness, and importance of L/I and M/I both across as well as within different countries.

Published on 13 Jun 2017

More and more we are being asked about the role of the Board of Directors in the management of organisational culture – regarding the impact the Board has on culture and how the Board can help shape a desired culture. 

Published on 13 Apr 2017

Human Synergistics' individual, team and company culture diagnostics are recognised within the Australian HR Institute (AHRI) Practising Certification Program (APC).

Published on 04 Oct 2016

Regardless of what an organisation’s strategy is, it can only be successfully executed if the organisation’s culture supports it. In this paper, Shaun McCarthy looks at how an organisation’s culture can limit innovation and what the requirements to build a culture to achieve innovation.

Published on 04 Oct 2016

Everyone’s talking about organisational culture, but many don’t really understand what it is…or isn’t. In this paper, Shaun McCarthy defines the true meaning of culture and how we can see it play out within organisations. This paper looks at how we can “see” our organisations culture and whether it can be changed.

Published on 04 Oct 2016

Human Synergistics’ global vision is: To Change the World—One Organization at a Time®. For over 35 years we have been working with individuals, groups and organizations in Australia and New Zealand towards achieving this goal.

Published on 04 Oct 2016

The 18th Annual Conference on Culture and Leadership attracted over 1400 attendees across Melbourne and Sydney. It showcased the impact leaders have on the culture of an organisation and the impact this culture has on them a leaders.

Published on 05 Feb 2015

In recent years insights from Neuroscience has captured the imagination of the community. This paper summarises and explores the application of some of the insights around emotional regulation in relation to working with the Circumplex, specifically the Life Styles Inventory, Taking a pragmatic approach, the paper explores the issues and implications for coaching leaders using one leader's experience as a guiding light. The leader in the spotlight, Sam Wyatt is a fictional character whose story is based on real world experience.

Published on 09 Oct 2014

Supermarkets first started selling new gluten-free Weet-Bix in July, less than six months after staff at Sanitarium Health Food Company first came up with the idea. Behind the new product is a story of how a very old company tackled its leadership and cultural problems to innovate in record time.


Published on 23 Jun 2014

Yarra Valley Water is an award winner in the BRW. Top 50 Most Innovative Companies 2013.

"We are constantly striving to achieve an optimal balance between delivery of great customer service, improved productivity and working in harmony with the environment — a balance that can only be achieved by an organisational culture that is constantly challenging the status quo and looking for better ways of doing things."

Published on 02 Apr 2014

In our earlier paper, Stages of Organisational Consciousness: Part I, we introduced the model and the 6 stages based on the foundation/construction of that model. This paper is designed to review the model through analysis of client data and attempt to gain some insight into how organisations transition through the stages.

Published on 01 Dec 2013

In our 2011 book In Great Company – Unlocking the Secrets of Cultural Transformation, Professor Dexter Dunphy, along with our own consultant Corinne Canter, proposed a development model of organisational change. The model proposed a number of developmental phases in cultural transformation. This white paper explores the details behind the model and builds on thoughts presented in Shaun's conference presentations from this year and last.