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Published on 22 May 2019

This year we are excited to announce, Lorraine McCarthy will join the Homeward Bound on-board faculty as Leadership Facilitator and Lifestyles Inventory Coach (LSI). Lorraine is considered a global expert in working with the Life Styles Inventory™ (LSI) to help leaders become more effective in their roles and more fulfilled in their personal lives.

Published on 12 Mar 2019

"The Difference HS Makes" is an overview of who we are and what we do. The book also gives you an insight into our different diagnostic tools and approach to make sustainable change in individuals, teams, leaders and your organisation.

Published on 18 Feb 2019

Best-practice models, frameworks and tools help but success also requires new mindsets and reflexes that can only be developed through experience. ExperienceChange™ is an expert-guided workshop that teaches both the ‘what to do’ and ‘how to be’ of successful change.

Published on 18 Feb 2019

ExperienceInnovation™, built in collaboration with celebrated design consultancy IDEO, is an expert guided one day workshop that will enable your people to build innovation confidence and competence. 

Published on 18 Dec 2018

This year to align with our mission of “Changing the World – One Organization at a Time®”, we have chosen to once again support the following charities in place of gifts.

Published on 19 Nov 2018

David Byrum had his opinion piece published in the Sydney Morning Herald, reflecting on the mistaken belief that aggressive cultures drive performance.

Published on 15 Oct 2018

In this paper we share our perspectives on teams and what it takes to help teams be more effective

Published on 26 Sep 2018

Show off your Human Synergistics Accreditation and achievements in the Leadership and Culture space, with Accreditation Badges and LinkedIn Certification. 

Published on 26 Sep 2018

Corinne Canter shared her "10 ways business leaders can make their meetings more effective" with  Business Insider Australia, following on from her presentation at this year's Culture and Leadership Conference talking about "Working Teams".

Published on 24 Sep 2018

Videos and presentations from our 20th Annual Conference on Culture and Leadership "That's Culture"

Published on 17 Sep 2018

Congratulations to our 2018 Culture Award winners! 
The Culture Transformation and Sustainability Awards recognise organisations which have created a Constructive Culture or sustained a Constructive Culture on a subsequent remeasure using the Organisational Culture Inventory® (OCI). This year we are pleased to publicly announce four award winners.

Published on 28 Aug 2018

Shaun McCarthy's opinion piece in The Australian Financial Review, talks about the recent revolving doors of Prime Ministers and why corporate Australia should take observation of this display

Published on 06 Aug 2018

Shaun McCarthy’s opinion piece in The Sydney Morning Herald, talks about why motherhood can be a real asset that instils valuable leadership skills

Published on 24 Jul 2018

Get found online by updating your LinkedIn profile in 20 seconds to show your Accreditation in this simple and standard way

Published on 21 May 2018

Shaun McCarthy talks to ABC presenter Richard Aedy about bad behaviour in organisations and the ball-tampering scandal that engulfed the Australian Cricket Team.  

Published on 18 Apr 2018

Two of our own, have been published for their opinion pieces on the ongoing cricket headlines and ball tampering scandal, talking about leadership styles and Australian Cricket Culture.

Published on 28 Feb 2018

Human Synergistics is proud to be supporting Homeward Bound Projects; A leadership outreach initiative for women with a science background

Published on 07 Feb 2018

Last week CareerTrackers held their 8th Annual Gala Dinner along with over 2,000 people, comprising of indigenous students and senior business leaders from large household name companies including Westpac, Bupa, Telstra and Qantas. 

Published on 19 Dec 2017

This year to align with our mission of “Changing the World – One Organization at a Time®”, we have chosen to once again support the following charities in place of our usual gifts.

Published on 13 Dec 2017

Our amazing community gave up their time to help the 2017 batch of CareerTrackers interns with their mindsets for entering the business world