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Published on 08 Jun 2015

On Thursday last week's episode of MasterChef there was a fascinating insight into the pressure perfectionists put on themselves. The contestants had been asked to reimagine a French classic: Duck L'Orange. One of the contestants, Jessica Arnott, looked to put an Asian twist on it by doing an orange duck pancake.

Published on 04 Jun 2015

In my experience Perfectionistic Style is one of the most commonly occurring styles in LSI. When I see it at moderate levels, I visualise someone who is conscientious. Most of us when describing ourselves, readily give a 2 to items such as 'competent' and 'practical'. 

Published on 26 May 2015

Someone who describes themselves as moderate to high on Competitive Style 'likes to be seen and noticed'. Often this desire is largely unconscious but it provides a strong motivating force and constant energy to maintain. Some of the Styles items give us an idea of how much energy: 'tries to maintain a sense of superiority', 'tries hard to impress others', tries to be too successful'.

Published on 06 May 2015

Power Style is about being in control. Those who have been in Foundation Workshops with me have heard me speak of my own journey with it. It showed itself in my LSI 1 feedback in 1981 soon after my first two children aged 20 months and four months, had died of a hereditary liver disease.

Published on 21 Apr 2015

Oppositional Style is best summarised by two of the items, 'usually against things' and 'opposes new ideas'. I am familiar with this style as it was strong in my mother's thinking and behaviour. With such a role model I learned how to do it and need to notice it in myself and stop it from time to time.

Published on 15 Apr 2015

This writing on Avoidance is due to be published today. I am only just doing it at ten in the morning while I am actually at a meeting in Auckland with 20 other people. It must be obvious to anyone who is observant that I am not fully present in the moment. The group is missing out on my creativity as I tap away on my laptop.

Published on 07 Apr 2015

In describing ourselves as moderate to high in Dependent Style, we are saying we do not believe that our effort makes a difference. While this belief can be ingrained in our thinking, it can also reflect contextual situations in our lives which make us feel that we are not able to set and achieve our own goals.

Published on 31 Mar 2015

If we describe ourselves as being moderate to high in Conventional Style, we are telling ourselves that it is important to do the 'right thing' in terms of 'what others think' and according to the 'rules'. We metaphorically stand with our back to ourselves and our innate creativity and look externally for guidance.

Published on 25 Mar 2015

If in our LSI 1 we describe ourselves as moderate to high on Approval Style we are telling ourselves that it is more important to please others than to please ourselves. Visually I can picture our unique and creative self facing the world with anticipation and creativity.

Published on 10 Mar 2015

The experience of getting feedback through the Life Styles Inventory 1 (LSI 1) started a life changing journey for me. I came to realise that the way I described myself, the way I spoke to myself was the key to my happiness. Appreciating my innate worth was far more liberating than asking myself to behave in a certain way.