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Culture Insights Blog

Published on 21 Jan 2020

In recent years there have been culture shocks and shame... the question is: will we do something about it or will it be more of the same?

Lyn Goodear, CEO and MD of the Australia Human Resources Institute (AHRI), joins us to talk about how now is the opportunity for HR to step forward. To be taken seriously as a profession though, there have to be standards - something Lyn tells us AHRI are trying to address with their HR Certification

Published on 14 Jan 2020

Following on from one of our past episodes about the Self-Actualising style, we’ve had some requests to delve into the Perfectinistic Style. Head of Consulting Corinne Canter and Dominic Gourley talk about this style that impacts a lot of people, but can come at a cost – and discuss what does being Perfectionistic look like, how does it impact us and what can we can do to change the impact of this style.

Published on 08 Jan 2020

Often we can want to mend strained relationships with a colleague but we don't know where to start or how to go about it. Liana Sangster and Dominic Gourley share some tips on how to mend fences in those prickly relationships.

Published on 24 Dec 2019

Christmas can be the most wonderful time of the year, but can also be really stressful. Liana Sangster and Dominic Gourley have a chat about different stresses that occur at Christmas and give you tips for being constructive, relaxed and happy this Christmas.

Published on 18 Dec 2019

As we head into peak period for goal setting our analytics team looked at what’s possible in terms of individual transformation. Looking at a cohort of 150 individuals who had completed two LSIs we found a group of 10% who had made a dramatic change in their thinking and behaviour. These individuals reaped the rewards in the form of increased satisfaction and personal effectiveness.

Published on 17 Dec 2019

Popular media has recently highlighted Imposter Syndrome, which is a psychological pattern in which an individual doubts their accomplishments and has a persistent internalized fear of being exposed as a "fraud". Dominic Gourley and Liana Sangster talk about Imposter Syndrome and how it can relate to the LSI, in this episode of Culture Bites.

Published on 10 Dec 2019

In this episode of Culture Bites, David Byrum and Dominic Gourley talk to Lyn Goodear, CEO and Managing Director of the Australian HR Institute (AHRI) about her unique perspective and view on the role of culture within organisations.

Published on 04 Dec 2019

When trying to position an LSI or Coaching Program to get the buy in from clients, what are some of the road blocks you might face? And how do you go about setting up a successful program? In this episode of Culture Bites, Dominic Gourley and Liana Sangster discuss some of the pit falls and how to overcome these. 

Published on 28 Nov 2019

A thought provoking piece written by our Chairman, Shaun McCarthy, looking at the low rate of Australian CEOs being promoted from within. He poses the questions - are our companies experiencing such need for change or experiencing such tough trading conditions that they require external hires? Or are they simply not good enough at internal succession planning and leadership development at the top end of the organisation?

Published on 20 Nov 2019

As we reach the end of the year and people start to think about their plans for 2020 our Analytics team have analysed the link between culture and employee retention. They found individuals experiencing a defensive culture were 3x more likely to leave their current organisation, how much could your culture cost you in the new year?