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Published on 23 Apr 2018

Culture Bites Podcast; In this episode, we talk about what leaders struggle with when it comes to delegation and how they can change their mindset that might be getting in the way of them delegating effectively.

Published on 17 Apr 2018

Culture Bites Podcast; In this episode, we answer a letter from a listener who is trying to move their team from Passive to Constructive. 

Published on 26 Mar 2018

Changing an organisations culture can be difficult; What is a ‘reasonable’ goal for measurable culture change and how long does it take to change from a Passive/Defensive or Aggressive/Defensive culture to a Constructive one? Shaun McCarthy answers these questions often posed by our clients

Published on 16 Mar 2018

Self-actualised people are able to live in, and enjoy the present moment. Freed from the belief that self-worth is related to being approved or recognised by others, these individuals actively take a higher degree of responsibility for themselves and are motivated by their own values and beliefs.

Published on 05 Mar 2018

When it comes to culture change, what worked for one organisation doesn’t necessarily work for the other. What worked for one worked because that organisation was at a different level of consciousness than the other.

Published on 19 Feb 2018

Why does being a constructive leader matter?  Leaders need to understand the implications their impact has on organisational culture; the relationship between leadership and organisational culture is a particularly important one.

Published on 16 Feb 2018

The sporting world is all about competition, but does that help or hinder the athletes. We look at the correlation between Sport and the Achievement, Perfectionistic, and Competitive Styles.

Published on 12 Feb 2018

It’s not about Foosball tables in the staff café. Shaun McCarthy defines what a high performance Culture looks like.

Published on 22 Jan 2018

Everyone’s talking about organisational culture, but many don’t really understand what it is…or isn’t. Shaun McCarthy defines the true meaning of culture and how we can see it play out within organisations.

Published on 17 Jan 2018

Some times it's easiest to know what Constructive is by looking at its contrast. Below we've put together a list of 8 Things Constructive People Don't Do (and what they do instead).