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Published on 06 May 2021

As we know culture and leadership are tied at the hip; and with leaders having a lot on their plate already, how can you give them some simple guidance to be a part of building a constructive culture. Head of Consulting Corinne Canter and host Dominic Gourley, give you 5 things leaders can role model to build a constructive culture.

Published on 02 Mar 2021

Organisations are usually working on developing the effectiveness of their leaders to increase engagement with people within their organisation for better results, but does this isolated approach work?! Dominic Gourley and Head of Consulting Corinne Canter discuss our integrated approach to development, focusing on more than one level of the organisation and why this might be a more effective solution.

Published on 22 Feb 2021

There’s still a lot of confusion when it comes to culture, like what is it and can you actually measure it? In this episode of Culture Bites, Dominic Gourley and Head of Consulting Corinne Canter answer all your questions around culture confusion, helping to sort through all the myths.

Published on 15 Feb 2021

Continuing to explore the Aggressive/Defensive cluster, this week Dominic Gourley and Head of Consulting Corinne Canter discuss the Power Style.

People high in this style tend to dictate (rather than guide) others' actions, try to run everything themselves and treat others in aggressive and forceful ways. So how can people high in Power be more effective?

Published on 09 Feb 2021

Though people high in the Oppositional style may ask the tough questions that can lead to better ideas, they may also use criticism to gain attention and blame other for their own mistakes. So how can you work with the Oppositional style?

In this episode of Culture Bites, Dominic Gourley and Head of Consulting, Corinne Canter discuss the Oppositional style in detail – What is the style about, what is it measuring and how might Oppositional behaviours show up.

Published on 18 Jan 2021

Finding a balance between giving feedback but not alienating people can be tricky, even more so when it’s the CEO and you are wanting to share results or keep them on board for a culture change program.  How do you not dilute the message but still give it to them straight?


Head of Consulting Corinne Canter and Dominic Gourley discuss how to balance giving feedback and give you tips on sharing LSI and Culture results with a CEO.

Published on 13 Jan 2021

How we think about ourselves, the world, people and the events around us, has a profound impact on our ability to be effective in the choices we make around our health and our well-being. 

RISE provides you with an effective and structured approach to helping clients move from defensive to constructive thinking and behaving.

Published on 16 Dec 2020

This week on the Culture Bites Podcast, Head of Consulting Corinne Canter and Dominic Gourley answer a question from a listener; about the pros and cons for centralising or decentralising the ownership of culture within the organisation. Who should own culture and where should it sit?

Published on 09 Dec 2020

If you’ve found some groups are more challenging to work with or get across the line – whether they’re a leadership group or not quite on board with a program; Dominic Gourley and Liana Sangster shares some tips for what you can do to set up a program for success on this episode of Culture Bites.

Published on 01 Dec 2020

At our Virtual Culture and Leadership Conference this year, we shared a range of client culture stories and one thing the audience wanted more of was tips for working on their own culture change.

Head of Consulting Corinne Canter shares her tips for Accredited Practitioners working on culture and what thing to keep in mind.