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Culture Insights Blog

Published on 10 Dec 2019

In this episode of Culture Bites, David Byrum and Dominic Gourley talk to Lyn Goodear, CEO and Managing Director of the Australian HR Institute (AHRI) about her unique perspective and view on the role of culture within organisations.

Published on 04 Dec 2019

When trying to position an LSI or Coaching Program to get the buy in from clients, what are some of the road blocks you might face? And how do you go about setting up a successful program? In this episode of Culture Bites, Dominic Gourley and Liana Sangster discuss some of the pit falls and how to overcome these. 

Published on 28 Nov 2019

A thought provoking piece written by our Chairman, Shaun McCarthy, looking at the low rate of Australian CEOs being promoted from within. He poses the questions - are our companies experiencing such need for change or experiencing such tough trading conditions that they require external hires? Or are they simply not good enough at internal succession planning and leadership development at the top end of the organisation?

Published on 20 Nov 2019

As we reach the end of the year and people start to think about their plans for 2020 our Analytics team have analysed the link between culture and employee retention. They found individuals experiencing a defensive culture were 3x more likely to leave their current organisation, how much could your culture cost you in the new year?

Published on 20 Nov 2019

Stress is all around us – to not experience stress is to not live life. So how do you keep yourself calm and avoid boiling point when you’re in the midst of these stressful situations? Shaun McCarthy shares 9 tips to avoid boiling point.

Published on 19 Nov 2019

We share some tips and tricks for what makes for a good LSI coach and debrief, in this Culture Bites episode with Dominic Gourley, Sam Mead and Jessica Kieft.

Published on 12 Nov 2019

We’ve been seeing culture a lot in the newspapers lately, with each scandal that pops up everyone is pointing to culture, but is it a new thing? Or why is culture suddenly in the headlines? Dominic Gourley and Corinne Canter discuss why it’s suddenly a hot topic.

Published on 05 Nov 2019

In this episode of Culture Bites, we share Rob Phipps and Corinne Canter’s conference argument, that organisations need a fresh and more sustainable mindset towards culture. Like the ocean, culture isn’t something you control, it is something that you need to learn how to read and regularly care for to be kept clean, healthy and powerful. When you get it right, that’s when you can catch a long smooth wave of performance.

Published on 29 Oct 2019

Can you easily describe your organisations culture? Do you know how it helps or hinders your efforts to achieve excellence? This is not just an academic question. Getting culture right means looking at the right metrics. In this Culture Bites Podcast, we share Shaun McCarthy’s conference presentation on Getting Culture Right – what it is and how does it work.

Published on 24 Oct 2019

Frasers Property Australia have transformed their company culture from one that was often defensive, oppositional and competitive to one that is consistently constructive, collaborative and focused on developing people. Ranna Alkadamani General Manager People & Culture, shares insights into the key moments of pivot they have had over the last 5 years to getting culture right and what it has meant for their employees and customers.