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Culture Insights Blog

Published on 31 Mar 2020

In a challenging time of heightened anxiety, fears, and isolation - it's important we all take time to keep ourselves mentally healthy.

Oliver Brecht, Managing Director of Veretis, joins us on the podcast to share his tips about maintaining your own mental health as well as how to spot if others are having issues. 

Published on 26 Mar 2020

In the midst of COVID-19, we bring you a special episode of Culture Bites with our Chairman Shaun McCarthy, Head of Consulting Corinne Canter and host Dominic Gourley as they talk about what Human Synergistics are doing, how we are supporting you and our clients, and what everyone can do for their our mental health in this changing world.

Published on 24 Mar 2020

The main side effect of the current COVID-19 pandemic is a huge increase in the number of employees working from home. This mass migration to home-based work comes with some challenges, particularly for those who are not already experienced with working remotely. This blog shares some of those challenges and tips for how to get the best out of your people.

Published on 18 Mar 2020

In times of high stress or crisis, it is more important that ever to do what we can to remain constructive. In this blog, Shaun McCarthy shares his top 10 tips for how to ride through the fallout of COVID-19. Most importantly, look after yourself and those around you!

Published on 17 Mar 2020

Debriefing a leader can be tough at the best of times, especially if you are an internal Accredited Practitioner and having to debrief your own leader's in the business. But how do you deal with a leader's debrief when the LSI 2 profile is high in the defensive styles? Dominic Gourley and Liana Sangster discuss in this episode of Culture Bites and give you advice for any concerns you may be having.

Published on 10 Mar 2020

Bargaining is a common stage you can come across when debriefing someone, as people may try to justify the data they’ve just been given as part of their Life Styles Inventory™ 1 or 2.  It’s helpful to be able to identify this stage in a debrief and equip yourself with skills to navigate these conversations. 

Published on 03 Mar 2020

The teenage years can be characterised by egocentricity, boredom and a seemingly weird combination of revolution and conformity. Shaun McCarthy follows up from his podcast episode Childhood Origins to discuss how family systems play out through the LSI styles while going through the more challenging years of raising teenage children.

Published on 25 Feb 2020

All organisations have values and while they may look good when in writing or are promised, they’re no use at all if there’s no organisational culture to support them. So are values valuable?! Are they useful and where is the cross over with culture? Dominic Gourley and Liana Sangster discuss in this episode of Culture Bites.

Published on 19 Feb 2020

This month our analytics team delved into the role of leaders in innovation, their analysis of 6,100 leaders demonstrated the importance of encouraging teams to approach problems as opportunities, pushing growth and development as priorities and avoiding leading by process and procedure.

Published on 17 Feb 2020

S+T=R (Situation + Thinking = Response) is a concept we introduce during accreditation and when we talk about the Life Styles Inventory™ (LSI), but what does it mean and how does it relate to the LSI? Dominic Gourley and Head of Consulting Corinne Canter explain the concept and share a useful resource for working with your own LSI feedback.