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Published on 11 May 2022

The impact of trust, or the lack of it, in organisations is not new. In this article Human Synergistics Chair, Shaun McCarthy explores what drives a lack of trust in remote working arrangements, and the fallout for a workforce without a healthy sense of trust amongst its workers.

Published on 11 Apr 2022

Violence against anyone should never be condoned or tolerated, there is simply no room for it in this century. In this article we look how Power Styles often dictate people who have not dealt with the emotional lacerations of their past, and that their coping mechanisms can sometimes be a response to historical hurts and fears that need to be acknowledged and confronted. 


Published on 07 Apr 2022

For many thought leaders 'the great resignation' has divided opinion; myth, fear-mongering, a phase or simply the chance to look under the hood of our own organisations and come face to face with what keeps employees engaged and satisfied in their roles. What is certain is that ultimately great culture and leadership drives performance and minimise company attrition.

Published on 28 Mar 2022

As a Culture and Leadership consultant to many corporate clients, I am often challenged by leaders that having a “competitive mindset” and being a “perfectionist” are patterns of thinking and behaviour to aspire to. They cite sports people as their evidence. Ash Barty is my return serve.


Published on 14 Mar 2022

Three decades in, this century continues to keep us on our battle weary feet. From the shock of 9/11 to the current pandemic, and now the war in the Ukraine, we continue to come face-to-face with the things that terrify us. 

In this article our Head of Consulting, Corinne Canter looks at what it means to "hold a point of tension" in order to face our fears head on.


Published on 08 Mar 2022


Ian's 10 plus year anniversary also coincides with his decision to step-back from some of his duties with Human Synergistcs, and while he'll still be involved in consulting for HSA, it will be in a refined and scaled-back capacity from April 2022.

We thank Ian for his amazing effort and passion at empowering people to reach their full potential over this last decade. We wish him the very best in his new 'sea-change' endevours and look forward to a continued partnership with him going forward!


Published on 10 Dec 2021

In December's edition of Management Magazine, Annie Gray looks at what elements define success? What makes one organisation more successful than another and how has the way the business world views success changed? She asked four business leaders, including Shaun McCarthy Chair of Human Synergistics ANZ their definitions of success in our pandemic-dominated world and what expectations this is placing on today’s leaders.


Published on 12 Nov 2021

It was actually Samuel Beckett who coined the phrase 'Fail, Fail Again, Fail Better'. Presumably the playwright was trying to emphasise that failures should not be seen as mistakes but rather a necessary connection to ultimate success. That the art is in the attempt, and not in the product. 

In this article we re-examine some of Corinne Canter's experiences with 'Group Failures' and how it often serves as a prerequisite to ultimate effective collaboration within a team.

Published on 02 Nov 2021

Renewed freedoms following an upscale in double vaccination rates means that life is thankfully looking more and more like a world pre-pandemic.

But living with COVID for the foreseeable future also means enduring snap lockdowns when clusters occur locally or strains mutate.

Explore what it means to be 'present', whether it be with your kids and loved ones, work, or for yourself during harsher lockdowns.

Published on 12 Oct 2021

If your team revisits the same conversation again and again, or people couch what they say with 'maybe' and 'could be', it's a sign that you're not having the honest conversations you need to have.

We breakdown what gets in the way of teams having honest conversations and what they can do about it.