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Culture Insights Blog

Published on 22 Nov 2018

In this three-part Group Styles series, we break down the different Circumplex clusters (Constructive, Passive/Defensive and Aggressive/Defensive) looking at the different characteristics each group may possess.

Published on 06 Nov 2018

When teams perform at the best of their abilities, it’s magic! In this episode of Culture Bites, we discuss 8 keys to Team Effectiveness

Published on 23 Oct 2018

In this episode, we talk about this year's inspiring Culture and Leadership Conference speakers and highlights from their presentations. 

Published on 16 Oct 2018

We talk about what Neuroscience tells us about creative thinking and give some tips on how you can unlock your unconscious mind to solve complex problems

Published on 09 Oct 2018

Departments don't work together effectively - they chase their own goals and their own objectives at the cost of the overall organisation’s success. In this episode, Corinne Canter and Dominic Gourley talk about how silos form and what you can do about them.

Published on 03 Oct 2018

We share some tips for actions you can use with people high in Aggressive/Defensive (red) styles. This episode of the podcast is hosted by Liana Sangster and Dominic Gourley.

Published on 26 Sep 2018

We talk about some ideas of actions which you could use for people who are particularly high in the Passive Thinking and Behaviour styles.

Published on 18 Sep 2018

We answer a letter from a listener who has recently started a new job and has found their manager has become cold.

Published on 10 Sep 2018

We talk about how you can use your understanding of behavioural styles to hire constructive candidates. This episode is hosted by Liana Sangster and Dominic Gourley

Published on 05 Sep 2018

We discuss some tips for debriefing the Life Styles Inventory (LSI): Framing it up, finding their Why, Enquiry & Discovery, AAA, and staying constructive yourself. This episode of the podcast is hosted by Liana Sangster and Dominic Gourley.