Into The Blue - April 2023

Published on 17 Jul 2023


Why Measuring Culture Is More Important Than Measuring Engagement

While engagement can be an indicator of employee satisfaction, it doesn't necessarily capture the essence of a company’s identity or what sets it apart from its competitors. In this article, we'll explore why measuring organisational culture is critical to building a thriving workplace and how it can be done effectively.

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Face-to-Face Accreditation Workshops Now Available

Human Synergistics are delighted to offer face-to-face training workshops again in both Sydney and Melbourne.

We also offer in-house accreditation for groups of six or more. This can be offered virtually or face-to-face in both our Sydney and Melbourne offices. 

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Setting & Achieving Goals

How do you even work out what you want to do in order to make it a reality?

In this episode Dom discusses with Alyson O'Shannessy about how articulating what you actually want and what actually matters to you is the first step in propelling you to achieving your goals. Aly's key take out? a) Just start it, followed by b) starting with the smallest and most manageable task and then just watch yourself get closer to your goal!

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LSI Practice Share with Ash Smith

LSI: Action Plan - 17 April, 1 - 4pm

This professional development session is designed to share and develop your LSI practice. This session has been designed specifically for newly accredited practitioners who have recently completed their training.

You will be able to share your progress with other Accredited Practitioners and a Human Synergistics Consultant, ask the questions you’ve been curious about, share your experience and gain deeper insight into debriefing the LSI.

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