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Handling Tough Conversations - Constructively

We share some frameworks, language, tips and techniques to handle difficult conversations in a constructive way. Often, people want to ‘do Constructive’ but just don’t know how. These tips will help get you started and stop avoiding those difficult conversations.

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040 - The Team Development Pyramid

We talk about the fundamentals of building a high performing team: Individual mindsets, Personal Relationships, Values & Behaviour, Purpose, Structure, and Results. This episode is hosted by David Byrum and Dominic Gourley.

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How Culture Made Headlines in 2018

2018 was the year Culture made the Headlines – too often for all the wrong reasons. Shaun McCarthy and Dominic Gourley look back at the year that was.

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Blues Year's Resolutions

New Year's Eve is a time when people make resolutions about things they want to change and improve in the year ahead. Maybe you've made a resolution about changing your own thinking or behavior style. In this episode, Liana Sangster and Dominic Gourley talk about how to set and stick to goals for the year ahead:

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030 - Coaching Questions for Aggressive Styles

In part 2 of our coaching questions podcasts, Liana and Dominic discuss what questions you could ask when debriefing someone high in Aggressive/Defensive styles.

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Teams Paper; Working on 'We' - Building High Performing Teams Part 1

In this paper we share our perspectives on teams and what it takes to help teams be more effective

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Culture Bites - 023 Passive LSI Action Tips

We talk about some ideas of actions which you could use for people who are particularly high in the Passive Thinking and Behaviour styles.

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Culture Bites - 022 Dear C.B., My Manager is Cold

We answer a letter from a listener who has recently started a new job and has found their manager has become cold.