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Our integrated approach will ensure that we are there with you every step of the way to achieve genuinely
meaningful and positive change at any level of your organisaton. Partner with us to develop leaders, teams and
cultures that drive innovation and performance. We are the Leadership and Culture experts!⁣

Our custom processes are underpinned by tried, tested, refined and scientifically-backed diagnostic tools
designed to ensure significant change. Our measurement and culture diagnostics are venerated across
multiple industries and supported by hundreds of successfully endorsed case studies.


SHAPE: “Culture Rebuild Improves Every Performance Metric”

Read how SHAPE’s overall leadership and culture improved every single one of their business performance metrics.


Phocas: “Fun, fulfilling, forever”, Simple but powerful values

Read how the Phocas culture measure showed improvement in all areas resulting in a highly constructive culture. The values of ‘Fun, Fulfilling, Forever’ are still at the heart of the Phocas culture and have strengthened through the three years of growth.
Our Change Solutions

HANES: “Leadership Glue” delivers speed, agility & aligned action

Read how Hanes are creating a leadership journey that focuses on a netter life for both the leaders and teams.
Our Change Solutions


SANDOZ: “Unbossed Culture” takes performance to new heights

From declining profits to bottom and top line growth. Read how Sandoz are leading culture
transformation through purpose, improving leaders and empowering employees.

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