2023 Human Synergistics Cultural Excellence Achievement Award – SHAPE

The Human Synergistics Culture Awards – developed in 2006 – are designed to recognise organisations which have created or sustained a Constructive Culture over subsequent remeasures using the Organisational Culture Inventory® (OCI). Transforming and sustaining culture is no easy task. It takes commitment and a long-term focus. The Cultural Excellence Achievement Award was created in 2017 to recognise those organisations who have clearly demonstrated long-term commitment to their culture through achieving prolonged, consecutive constructive remeasures.

SHAPE Australia has a simple philosophy when it comes to their business strategy. Value people and culture above all else, and commercial results will follow. Since improving leadership capabilities and developing a constructive culture, SHAPE has seen an increase against every business performance metric including profit, customer satisfaction and employee retention.

SHAPE undertook their first measure in 2008 and received a Transformation Award in 2016. Since then, SHAPE has been awarded a Sustainability Award for sustaining and growing their constructive culture consistently over 5 remeasures! This is a clear demonstration of their commitment and vision and living their constructive every day. As a result of this commitment and hard work, we would like to honour their 6th sustained result by presenting them with our Cultural Excellence Achievement Award.

Download the SHAPE Case Study: “Culture Rebuild Improves Every Performance Metric”

The Cultural Excellence Achievement Award was created in 2017 to recognise those organisations who have transformed their culture and managed to sustain a Constructive Culture for a prolonged period and demonstrated this in subsequent remeasures. SHAPE is only the third recipient of this award.


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