2020 Asia-Pacific Virtual Conference Agenda

Set across three shorter days, this virtual format will bring you a diverse group of speakers from Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the Pacific, sharing their journeys toward constructive culture and leadership.

25th August

26th August

27th August

Session 1

8:30AM GMT+8
10:30AM AEST
12:30PM NZST

Vision V1
Roche V1

9:00AM GMT+8
11:00AM AEST

Hanes V1
Phocas V1

Short break

Short break

Short break

Session 2

10:30AM GMT+8
12:30PM AEST


Each morning will showcase two organisations’ unique stories via TEDx style presentations, each followed by an interview with the speakers about their motivation, personal insights and learnings.

The afternoon will feature an interactive experience. You will hear from our panel of CEOs about why they are convinced leadership and culture is critical to their organisations, and actively participate in virtual workshops on some of the most vital issues of our day – Inclusion and Future of Work. You will walk away feeling inspired and ready to propel into action!