Becoming Accredited

Our mission is to Change the World – One Organisation at a Time® – but we can't do it alone! We need your help to develop individuals, grow leaders, build teams and create constructive cultures.


We are big believers in building the capabilities of internal change agents and external consultants so they can leverage our research and diagnostics. When you bring our diagnostics to your coaching sessions and organisational development initiatives, you're bringing rigorous scientific research, valid and reliable data, and a proven record of real-world results.

Whether you work inside an organisation or are a consulting partner to one, you can get accredited in our full suite of diagnostics.

Accreditation begins with one of our Life Styles Inventory™/Group Styles Inventory™ workshops and gaining a foundation in Human Synergistics’ diagnostics, methodology and research. Practitioners can then build on this foundation through our Impact Workshops and Culture Workshop.  Check out the workshop accreditation calendar to register for the next workshop near you. 


We also have a training session for administrative partners. This is an orientation session for people who assist an accredited practitioner by launching projects and looking after reporting. Once you've been through the training you will be granted access to the online portal to administer projects.

Accreditation Workshops

To enrol in a workshop please click the Accreditation application button below
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