White Paper – Cutting Through the Noise: What is Culture?

Everyone’s talking about organisational culture but many don’t really understand what it is.

It’s not about foosball tables in the staff café. It’s not about groovy office spaces and it certainly isn’t about funky furniture. When banking regulators talk about banks needing a ‘risk culture’ – they already have one – the question is how the culture within a particular bank causes people to manage risk.

Whilst it’s very ‘on trend’ to talk about culture right now, it’s not a new idea. Researchers have been studying culture for 40 years. Human Synergistics has been measuring organisational culture for 30 years. We know what it is. We know how it works. We know it can be changed.

It’s not just another word for organisational climate. It’s different than organisational climate. It’s not just about engagement. It’s not just about teamwork. It is about behaviour. It is about behavioural norms. It is about the messages people take from their work context about how they should do their jobs and interact with each other. It is about the expectations for behaviour established through organisational structures, systems, technologies, communication processes and leadership practices.

In this Whitepaper, Shaun McCarthy breaks down what culture is, how it works, and why it matters.

Download the What is Culture white paper – PDF 825 KB



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