Culture Insights Blog

Published on 19 Mar 2019

David Byrum and Dominic Gourley talk to Grant Brecht about the Sydney Roosters and how their culture played a vital role in their 2018 NRL Premiership win.

Published on 11 Mar 2019

The Banking Royal Commission recommended working on culture and governance. We talk about how they can go about putting it into action. Corinne Canter and Dominic Gourley discuss the report findings and the pragmatic application of them.

Published on 05 Mar 2019

We share some frameworks, language, tips and techniques to handle difficult conversations in a constructive way. Often, people want to ‘do Constructive’ but just don’t know how. These tips will help get you started and stop avoiding those difficult conversations.

Published on 28 Feb 2019

The last of our three-part Group Styles series, we break down the Aggressive/Defensive Circumplex cluster, looking at the different characteristics each group may possess.

Published on 26 Feb 2019

We talk about the fundamentals of building a high performing team: Individual mindsets, Personal Relationships, Values & Behaviour, Purpose, Structure, and Results. This episode is hosted by David Byrum and Dominic Gourley

Published on 20 Feb 2019

We talk to Grant Brecht, who has worked with the Swans for over 20 years, about culture and leadership in sport and what lessons the business world can take from it.

Published on 13 Feb 2019

We always get a bunch of questions around culture and individual thinking, with one of them being around having to think or behave a certain way in different industries or organisations. David Byrum and Dominic Gourley debunk the myth of having different cultures within different industries, in this week’s Culture Bites episode.

Published on 05 Feb 2019

In this episode of Culture Bites, Shaun McCarthy and Dominic Gourley discuss whether Constructive styles are valued the same around the world and how does this show in the norming of the Circumplex

Published on 30 Jan 2019

“How do you do culture and culture change in a unionised environment?” In this episode of Culture Bites, Shaun McCarthy and Dominic Gourley answer this question.

Published on 22 Jan 2019

Culture is a big thing for organisations to change and one of the questions we get asked the most is “how do we go about culture change?!”. Dominic Gourley talks to David Byrum about fundamental principles for Culture change programs