Culture Insights Blog

Published on 22 Jul 2019

Given that our Annual Culture and Leadership Conference is just around this corner, we’ve brought back one of our 2018 speakers for this week’s Culture Bites Podcast; David Byrum and Dominic Gourley are joined in the studio SHAPE Group to discuss what successful culture change looks like and what change culture has had on business performance

Published on 17 Jul 2019

Our in house Data Analytics team shares some data around how culture can impact on the management of risk within an organisation. We’ll see that that those who had a constructive experience of the culture were almost 10 times as likely to feel they could speak up and challenge the way things are done and 12 times as likely to believe something would be achieved by doing so. 

Published on 16 Jul 2019

A question we get asked is “How can I be constructive when I’ve got a really difficult manager?”. Sue Bigham and Dominic Gourley give you insights into staying constructive and dealing with the stress and difficulty of a defensive manager.

Published on 09 Jul 2019

Everyone knows the famous saying by Peter Drucker that “culture eats strategy for breakfast”, but culture is the deliverer of that strategy – they need to work together, the culture needs to match your strategy and vice versa as that’s what’s going to deliver results. 

Published on 02 Jul 2019

How do you stay constructive during times of massive change? The Life Styles Inventory™ is about life, not just your work life and with Dominic Gourley expecting his first child, he talks to Sam Mead about dealing constructively with different situations of significant change in your life.

Published on 25 Jun 2019

Co-hosted with Kwame Slusher from the GRC Professional Podcast, we address the issue of what organisations are doing about culture change post the Banking Royal Commission and discuss “Risk Culture”.

Published on 18 Jun 2019

Organisations need to win in the marketplace - no doubt... but is a competitive style required to be a good sales person? Sam Mead and Dominic Gourley talk about how sales people can be more successful by adopting a Constructive approach instead.

Published on 12 Jun 2019

As an Accredited Practitioner, you have access to a range of Development Pathway events to build your skills and confidence. Sue Bigham and Dominic Gourley talk this week about our event “GSI: Getting the most out of teams” which focuses on building facilitating and debriefing confidence of the GSI.

Published on 04 Jun 2019

Darren Levy and Dominic Gourley talk about innovation and change management, how important it is to connect the dots between idea generation and execution, and how you go about engaging people in a new idea.

Published on 28 May 2019

Darren Levy and Dominic Gourley chat about the concept of change fatigue and that’s it’s not about the change itself but the way it’s being implemented.