Case Study – IBM “Reinventing Through Culture Change”


For over 100 years, IBM has seen, been part of and led shifts in business and industry through its innovation and technological advancements. Throughout its history, IBM has been experienced and differentiated by their people, the IBMers.

What became apparent was that in IBM ANZ’s own transformation from a hardware business to one of software and ideas, the focus on IBMers seemed to have got lost. In the ambiguity and constant change needed to reposition an organisation, IBMers felt change was being done to them rather than with them, eventually losing optimism, self belief and belief in the organisation.


IBM wanted to win, they weren’t showing up as a team that could win. IBM knew they had a problem and after a process of elimination, they realised that it came down to organisational culture.

There was also a sense of something that others working for large multinationals might relate to – because they were part of a global organisation and matrix organisation, IBMers didn’t feel empowered.


When IBM Australia & New Zealand decided to evolve its culture, it knew it had to involve those who were most invested and had most to gain – IBMers themselves. With 5,000 employees it was not an easy undertaking.

“An unexpected benefit from our cultural change work – it has made our organisation more resilient.
Culture has proven to be an important source of stability when other things have been in flux”,
Managing Director – IBM


The results IBM achieved from the OCI completed in 2018 against the OCI measured in 2021 speaks volumes!

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IBM Case Study



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