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The culture at Phocas was evident from the very early days, reflecting the personal values of the founders. Co-CEO and co- founder Myles Glashier’s passion for creating innovative solutions to customer problems, and his desire to make work fun and fulfilling for Phocas people, had been pivotal to their growth and success. People loved working at Phocas and customer retention was high. By 2016 the company had 90 people and $20m in revenue and had moved from the ‘start-up’ to the ‘scale up’ phase of growth with big plans. This expansion brought with it some areas for change.


With significant growth on the agenda Myles decided to start by looking at himself and the impact of his leadership on the business. He undertook a 360-feedback process in 2015 and was fascinated by the results. His curiosity about the impact of leadership on culture and performance led to the decision to take a measure of the Phocas culture in early 2016. Big questions included scaling culture and leadership, attracting great talent, and nurturing innovation. Myles was fascinated by the 360-feedback and began to wonder whether it was possible to get this kind of behavioral data and feedback at the organisational level.



In 2016 Karen Hailwood helped Phocas to understand and begin to nurture the culture through the growth phase. Karen began by measuring the current culture to see what Phocas was doing well, but also to identify areas for development. The 2016 measure showed Phocas already had a constructive culture. Five key levers were agreed to drive culture development and busines growth were clarity and simplicity, start with leaders, right organisation and job design, increased training & growth opportunities, and professional recruitment practices.The 2019 culture measure showed improvement in all areas resulting in a highly constructive culture. The values of ‘Fun, Fulfilling, Forever’ are still at the heart of the Phocas culture and have strengthened through the three years of growth.

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