Challenge Simulation Series

Challenge Simulation Series

Go beyond the basics by building knowledge and skills that can make the difference between ordinary and extraordinary performance.


The Challenge Simulation Series is a collection of dynamic team exercises that focus on improving knowledge and skills in complex areas such as critical thinking, ethical decision making, and strategic planning. Although the topics addressed by the simulations are appropriate for a wide variety of audiences, they are particularly relevant to those who are in — or who aspire to move into — higher-level positions.


In addition to teaching techniques and processes for dealing with complex situations, the Challenge Simulation Series can be used to equip participants with the knowledge and skills needed to work effectively in teams. And since teams (rather than individuals) handle most of the more demanding and complex problems faced by organisations, the circumstances presented by these simulations are highly relevant and realistic.

More than just a training tool

The Challenge Simulation Series simulations can be used to meet a variety of training objectives in the classroom or at off-site meetings. It is also extremely effective for use right in the workplace – to kick off or reinvigorate groups that are tackling the same types of issues addressed by the simulations. In addition, the Facilitator’s Manual for each Challenge Simulation Series exercise provides suggestions for extending the challenge presented by the simulation and applying it to participants’ organisations.

Choose your challenge

Robert A. Cooke, PhD. and Janet L. Szumal, PhD, of Human Synergistics for the American Management Association, developed seven different Challenge exercises. Each of the exercise booklets includes a set of cards that participants can use to facilitate the development of their solutions.

Simulation The Situation The Challenge Time
Organisational Change Challenge™ Learn the steps of an effective organisational change process Sample Participant Booklet Concerns about the stagnating growth of a home health care supplies and equipment manufacturer require that you and the other top managers outline a change process for revitalising the company. Sequence 17 activities in the order they should be implemented to most effectively accomplish organisational change. 1.5 to 3 hours


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