Business Simulation Series

Business Simulation Series

From conducting effective meetings and planning projects to resolving customer complaints, Human Synergistics Business Simulation Series are your solution to sharpening business knowledge and practices while tuning up teamwork skills – for double the impact on performance.

Dual purpose

The simulations in our Business Simulation Series provide the ‘how-to’ knowledge your teams need to tackle common, yet demanding, business problems and situations with expertise and confidence. At the same time, they strengthen the skills and behaviours your teams need to solve problems and make decisions effectively (and efficiently).


Whether your objective is to energise a meeting, kick off a project, build better teams, or teach proven business strategies for dealing with specific types of problems, the Human Synergistics business simulations can be adopted with confidence. Use these versatile activities with groups new to simulations or as the perfect alternative for groups that have experienced one or more of Human Synergistics survival simulations.

All you need

A Leader’s Guides is available for each of the business simulations and offers all of the information you’ll need to plan and facilitate a successful program. The guides include the recommended solutions and rationales, scoring instructions, program design options, and tips for discussing the skills and processes that contribute to effective team performance.

Choose the business simulation that’s right for you

Simulation The Situation The Challenge Time
COACH Co-Achieving You have been asked to coach a poorly performing sports team. Designed to complement the Life Styles Inventory™ (LSI) and encourages thinking about the values that underpin achievement motivation. Choose from a number of options the approach you would take with this team and how you would motivate the players, select the team and set goals for improved performance. 2.5 to 4 hours
Project Planning Situation™ Strengthen general planning proficiencies and competencies Sample Participant Booklet Your team has been assigned responsibility for designing a plan for managing a secret project. Sequence 20 activities in the order they should be followed in managing the project. 1 to 2 hours
Meeting Effectiveness Situation™ Develop effective meeting management skills and practices Increasing turnover rates in most of your stores require that you call a meeting to discuss the problem. Sequence 20 action steps in the order they should be followed to maximise the effectiveness of the meeting. 1 to 2 hours
Customer Complaint Situation™ Learn how to handle customer complaints efficiently and effectively A customer approaches you with a complaint. Sequence 18 action steps in the order they should be carried out to maximise service effectiveness. 1.5 to 2 hours
Envisioning a Culture for Quality™ Create a culture that makes service quality and teamwork the norm A recent survey conducted by corporate headquarters indicates that your store rates ‘average’ in service quality and suggests that the problem may be your store’s culture. Envision a culture for quality for your store by rank ordering the impacts (from most positive to most negative) of 24 behavioural norms on service quality. 2 to 3 hours
Turnaround™ Reveal underlying philosophies and assumptions regarding how to lead organisational transformation and change You are a general manager in a large company that has just reassigned you to its failing blue jeans manufacturing plant. Develop a 4-part plan for improving the plant, based on your review of the plant’s history and recent production and financial reports. 5 to 8 hours


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