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Meet Our Consultants

Our consultants are recognised world-class professionals with extensive experience in creating sustainable individual, group and organisational performance. They provide thought leadership to our accredited practitioners and can work directly with you to help you achieve genuine change.


David Byrum

General Manager/Director

David Byrum has over 25 years of industry experience across all sectors, including executive leadership roles with Human Synergistics and Kepner Tregoe. His partnerships focus on enhancing the effectiveness of individuals, teams, and business processes to enhance organisational culture and bottom-line performance. David fulfills the role of coach and trusted advisor to individuals and teams at an executive level to enhance their awareness and develop action plans that support the use of constructive behaviors. He is an accomplished project manager, as well as an accredited practitioner and master trainer for all methodologies and diagnostics associated with Human Synergistics and Kepner Tregoe.

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Corinne Canter

Head of Consulting

Corinne works with leaders and their teams to increase organisational effectiveness and business performance. Corinne’s experience in leadership and organisations comes from over 25 years in leadership roles across both Operations and Human Resources working in telecommunications, finance and construction industries. She has a proven track record in helping to transform organisation’s cultures by working systemically at the individual, team and organisational levels. She is a published author on leadership, culture and innovation. In 2012 she was Program Director and co-research lead investigating the “ Science of Aha” with the University of Technology Neuroscience Research Unit investigating how to teach leaders to increase their capacity for new and innovative thinking leading to more Aha! moments.

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Sam Mead

Senior Consultant

Sam is passionate and focused on helping individuals, teams and organisations unlock growth to achieve breakthrough performance. His experience has contributed to his growth as a collaborative, self-reflective, speaker, leader, coach & facilitator with a proven strength in People and Culture along with more than 20 years’ experience with customers, consumer’s and strategy. Sam is known for shaping, influencing and aligning the activities of a broad range of stakeholders through his ability to build relationships, engage and influence across all levels.

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Fiona Hogarth


Fiona brings a wealth of experience in organisational development and human resources to the team. She has practiced in white and blue collar organisations across multiple industries including Utilities, Transport, Telecommunications and Government and in these roles led, designed and delivered workforce capability projects from concept through to implementation. Fiona has a highly pragmatic approach and one of her key strengths is turning conceptual ideas into practical solutions. Her early career in the Hospitality Industry also provides her with a strong client focus, and the ability to relate to people at all levels along with a high degree of energy and enthusiasm. Her ‘secret power’ is being a Masters Swimmer competing both nationally and internationally for the fun, friendship and sense of personal achievement that following a black line brings.

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Ian Crothers


Ian has been with Human Synergistics since October 2008, initially in the role of Practice Leader Professional Development, and subsequently joining the Consulting Team. Prior to joining Human Synergistics, Ian was the Principal of Ian Crothers and Associates for ten years. During this time he undertook many Leadership Development assignments for a range of clients across a range of Industries. Ian has extensive knowledge of the Human Synergistics Individual Diagnostics and has been using these in his Leadership Development and coaching work for more than a decade.

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Liana Sangster


Liana has over 10 years of experience worked across non-profit, government, education, employment and corporate sectors in leadership and consulting roles. As a Consultant with Human Synergistics, Liana supports leaders, teams and organisations in identifying and changing the behaviours, systems and structures that will enable increased effectiveness. It starts with a core belief that everyone has the capacity to be great at something. Pair that with a desire to educate others on how to create systems that bring the very best out in people; and work with individuals to help them to understand how they might be limiting their own potential unnecessarily.

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Dominic Gourley


Dominic loves to keep things straight forward, fun, and effective. He believes the concepts about Thinking, Behaviour, and Culture should be accessible to everyone. If you’re going to transform your culture then you’re going to need everyone on board. That’s why he likes to involve people in the process and to develop their knowledge and capability. As the voice of our ‘Culture Bites’ podcast, he broadcasts these concepts for everyone to benefit from. Dominic brings enthusiasm and fun to the way he facilitates and loves getting that energy back from the group. All this serves him to have a real impact and to help people to be their best. Before joining Human Synergistics, Dominic worked and lived in Shanghai and Copenhagen and will happily talk your ear off on his favourite shengjian bao or Pølsevogn spots.

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Lorraine McCarthy


Lorraine is a highly experienced counsellor, coach and facilitator. Her focus is on empowering individuals. Over her 20+ years of experience, Lorraine has become widely recognised for her use of psychodrama in her counselling approach, to enable people to revisit their past. She is passionate in her efforts to help individuals see their intrinsic value, understand what might have led them to believe their value was dependent on others or tasks, and develop a relationship with themselves that is compassionate and loving. History can be rewritten. Anchored in a belief in one’s own creative potential, anything is possible. Lorraine has a Masters in Counselling and the highest level membership of ACA and NZAC.

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