David Byrum, Managing Director

University of Sydney & Accredited Practitioner

David's passion is supporting and creating environments where people are growing, empowered, exploring new options, stretching and being themselves. It not only makes a difference for the organisation but also for the broader connections of the organisation and individuals.

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Corrine Canter, Head of Consulting

University of NSW, Macquarie University & Accredited Practitioner

Corrine's great strength in business is her ability to balance strong relationships with creative problem solving of pain points. She is not afraid to challenge the norm in supporting her clients find new and different ways of doing things, enabling senior leaders to stretch out of their comfort zones.

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Dominic Gourley, Consultant

Macquarie University & Accredited Practitioner

Author of our weekly podcast "Culture Bites" Dom's aim is to help everyone understand the value of 'great' culture and why it matters in this ever changing climate. He takes complicated concepts around creating effective organisational culture and presents change solutions to help companies achieve challenging and realistic goals.

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Fiona Hogarth, Consultant

Griffith University & Accredited Practitioner

Fiona's specialisations include Leadership Development, Organisational Culture and Change, HR Strategy and Learning and Development. Fiona's ability to convert conceptual ideas into practical applications is a key strength and enables her to effectively operate strategically and operationally to ensure achievement of business outcomes.

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Lorraine McCarthy

Lorraine McCarthy, Counselor/Coach

Masters in Counselling & Accredited Practitioner

Lorraine is a highly experienced counsellor, coach and facilitator. Her focus is on empowering individuals. Over her 20+ years of experience, Lorraine has become widely recognised for her use of psychodrama in her counselling approach, to enable people to revisit their past. She is passionate in her efforts to help individuals see their intrinsic value, understand what might have led them to believe their value was dependent on others or tasks, and develop a relationship with themselves that is compassionate and loving. History can be rewritten. Anchored in a belief in one’s own creative potential, anything is possible. Lorraine has a Masters in Counselling and the highest level membership of ACA and NZAC.

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Ash Smith, Consultant

Bachelor of Business, Southern Cross University & Langley Group Institute & Accredited Practitioner

Ash specialises in a Positive Psychology approach in utilising tools and change strategies that help individuals achieve their potential, groups to realise synergy, leaders to have a positive impact on others and organisations to achieve sustainability.

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