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Pulse Survey

A short sharp survey designed to provide insight into how your organisation is progressing against the goals you set for culture improvement following your last detailed diagnostic with the OCI/OEI.

Pulse Survey OCI

Why a pulse survey?

In today’s volatile environment businesses are increasingly hungry for real time feedback on what’s going on within their organisation so that they can adjust and pivot as required. We believe there is a balance to be achieved between this speed of measurement and a more in depth, detailed diagnostic like the OCI/OEI.

The pulse is designed to provide this balance, leveraging the detailed insights of the OCI/OEI by providing regular updates on how you are tracking against the goals you agreed on. These regular updates enable you to keep track of how your change strategies are working and adapt them if needed.

What is a pulse survey?

Our Pulse survey focuses in on the key development areas you identified and provides an update on what movement there has been within those areas. Pulse focuses primarily on the causal factors from the How Culture Works Model, based on our experience that these factors will generally shift faster than your organisation’s culture or outcomes.

How does it work?

Pulse is customised to your organisation, based on the key action plans developed from your in-depth culture diagnostic. We will work with you to identify 4-6 key causal factors to be pulsed, this typically results in a short survey of around 20 questions.

The shorter nature of this survey compared to a full OCI/OEI makes it much quicker and easier for your people to complete, typically under 5 minutes per person. We recommend using the Pulse on either a quarterly or 6 monthly basis between your larger diagnostic every 18-24 months, due to the more regular measurement we also suggest using a sampling approach rather than having everyone complete the survey each measure. This is only possible with a suitably large population (around 400+ people) and we can assist with constructing a representative sample from your population.

The pulse measure utilises the exact same questions and norms as the OCI/OEI so you are getting a like for like comparison of the shifts achieved between measures.

Download the outline here PULSE SURVEY 

If you would like to know more about our Pulse Survey, please get in touch and we will be happy to assist you. 

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