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Increasing Debriefing Confidence of the LSI

Start Date23 Oct 2019 1:00 PM
End Date23 Oct 2019 4:00 PM
City Sydney
VenueHuman Synergistics Office
Level 6
41 McLaren Street

NotesIndividual 0.1

This event is for newly Accredited Practitioners moving from the Accreditation workshops, to continue their learning through the Development Pathway.

The focus of this event is to increase your understanding, confidence and experience of debriefing the LSI to bring about a better experience for your client. Practice debriefing and observing a debrief using real data to gain a better understanding of the tool, learn from others experiences and explore variations to a debriefing approach.

• Increased confidence debriefing a client with real data
• Learning from others experience through observing how others approach a debrief
• Exploring variations to a debriefing approach


What’s Next?

Following this event, we suggest you register for the next Individual event in the Development Pathway; “LSI: A Plan for Action”. This event will see you looking at different approaches of action planning for diverse LSI profiles and be exposed to alternative tools that help to integrate change with your clients.

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