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The Connection Meter

by Jessica Kieft | Mar 27, 2020

How connected are your people during this changing world?

Working from home or from remote locations is a new and changing world for many organisations and their employees. Not only are we moving through uncertain times, but many organisations did not have existing systems and processes to allow for things to carry on as normal while working remotely.

We have developed Connection Meter, a way for you to track the wellbeing of your people and assess the impact of remote working on things like team collaboration and effectiveness of leaders. It is designed to support leaders with real data they can use to understand effectiveness and course correct to avoid any emerging issues.

CaptureSome great questions organisations are tracking …

  1. How connected are your people?
  2. What is the state of mind of your employees?
  3. How do you compare to other organisations?
  4. How is the above trending over time?

As leaders, what actions are you tracking to measure and improve the connection with your team?

How is data presented?

Users will have access to a dashboard where scores and feedback will be presented visually, making it easy for you to immediately understand results. 

For more information on how to set up Connection Meter contact your Account Manager, Consultant, or email

Download the Connection Meter Info for more information.