2023 Human Synergistics Culture Transformation Award – Peritas

Published on 02 Oct 2023

2023 Culture Transformation Achievement Award

The Culture Transformation and Sustainability Awards recognise organisations which have created a Constructive Culture or sustained a Constructive Culture on a subsequent remeasure using the Organisational Culture Inventory® (OCI).

This year we are pleased to announce one of our Transformation  Award winners - Peritas! Congratulations.

Peritas logo

Peritas recognised that the engineering sector was going through a huge transition period and would barely be recognisable in the immediate future as it looks today. To keep pace with a rapidly changing market, the organisation decided to rethink its current strategy and reimagine itself and its culture to meet the bold and ambitious challenges set by an ever-evolving operating context to maintain a sustainable business– or risk getting left behind.

Their vision - to transform their existing culture to one that would enable them to co-create engineered futures beyond convention with their staff, clients, and the broader community. Some key cultural goals included setting a cultural pathway to successfully evolve their business, leadership and people to excel in a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous) world and create an on-going road map for sustainable success with the future in mind.

Key goals of the program was to:

  • Ignite a culture of ingenuity and growth and people who are courageous, curious, relentless and conscious;
  • Sustainably build an engaged and empowered workforce with a key focus on mindset (head), connecting people with a greater purpose (heart) and ways of working and doing (hand) so that Peritas could unleash its full potential, optimise performance and;
  • Claim their space as engineering leaders of the future.


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