2023 Human Synergistics Culture Sustainability Award – Kennards Self Storage

Published on 02 Oct 2023

2023 Culture Sustainability Achievement award

The Culture Transformation and Sustainability Awards recognise organisations which have created a Constructive Culture or sustained a Constructive Culture on a subsequent remeasure using the Organisational Culture Inventory® (OCI).

This year we are pleased to announce one of our Sustainability Award winners - Kennards Self Storage! Congratulations.

Kennards Self Storage

Kennards Self Storage have been measuring culture for over 20 years and have consistently maintained a Constructive Culture. Maintaining a Constructive Culture over this period of time doesn’t happen by chance, it takes dedication and leadership.

Kennards 2022 re-measure once again revealed the Blue Constructive Styles to be their strongest extensions, meeting or exceeding their best-ever result in 2018. It was also notable the reduction in the extensions present in Aggressive Defensive (Competitive) and Passive Defensive (Conventional) styles.

Kennards use the OCI as a health check for their business. Insights are generated on areas for improvement and where development energy is best focused. To achieve this year’s result teams in centres were asked to continue to work constructively to develop and build ownership for their team and the business, to do the right things and help others.

Kennards 2021-2023 Circ