Into The Blue - March 2023

Published on 17 Jul 2023


Culture Doesn't Always Live In The Building! By Corinne Canter

We learn about an organisation's culture by being told about it; what is valued, what is rewarded and what is prioritised. And, in doing so we learn which of the organisation’s values are actually lived and which seem to be just lip service.

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The LSI Re-Measure Provides Insight Which Directs Action Planning

The LSI is designed to be applied in a dynamic context as part of a Test-Action-Retest model.

Many leaders and managers fail to ask for updated feedback on how their new efforts are making a difference. From an Accredited Practitioner perspective, this presents an opportunity to re-engage with the client.

We recommend an LSI re-measure over 12 to 18 month intervals, in order to allow the individual time to implement an action plan.

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Face-to-Face Accreditation Workshops Now Available

Human Synergistics are delighted to offer face-to-face training workshops again in both Sydney and Melbourne.

We also offer in-house accreditation for groups of six or more. This can be offered virtually or face-to-face in both our Sydney and Melbourne offices.

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Professional Development

LSI: Action Plan - 17 April, 1 - 4pm

This event is for Accredited Practitioners in the early stages of their Human Synergistics journey, to continue their learning through the Development Pathway.

The focus of this event is to give you experience in the common stumbling blocks and to overcome them, of moving a client from LSI 1 and 2 feedback to a plan of action.

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The Impact Of Leaders Is Bigger Than They Think!

Leadership is simple, but never easy! In this episode Dominic Gourley speaks with consultant Ash Smith about the in's and out's of constructive leadership. Including people in decisions appropriate to their level of capability is key - as we all want to be involved and feel we make a difference. Giving people a chance to rise to the occasion is important to keeping people aligned to the greater strategy and organisational effectiveness.

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Professional Development

Impact For Leaders - 2 May, 9am - 12pm

This event is a showcase event for Accredited Practitioners and people wanting a greater understanding of the Leadership/Impact® and Management/Impact™ tools.

In this event you will gain a clear understanding of what the impact tools measure, insights into leaders personal strategies and how certain behaviours in Leaders/Managers cause others to behave.

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