Into The Blue - December 2022

Published on 15 Dec 2022


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The Kringle’s are back! And they have decided to travel together to the United Kingdom to visit their cousins for the Festive Season.

Because of the pandemic they have not seen their extended British family in 3 years.

Everyone is beyond excited to be reunited with the greater family overseas, but not looking forward to the huge journey!

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Thank You 2022 - That's A Wrap!

Looking back on 2022, we at Human Synergistics Australia are very thankful for all the support we have enjoyed from our valued network of clients and Accredited Practitioners.

We wish you a safe, relaxing, and fun time over the festive season and a prosperous, more stable year ahead.

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Become Accredited in 2023

Make 2023 the year to empower yourself! Accreditation begins with one of our Life Styles Inventory™/Group Styles Inventory™ workshops and gaining a foundation in Human Synergistics’ diagnostics, methodology and research.
Practitioners can then build on this foundation through our Impact Workshops and Culture Workshop. Check out the workshop accreditation calendar to register for the next workshop near you.

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An Article by Dr Robert Cooke

In this article Dr Robert Cooke looks at an emphasis on culture for addressing the current challenges leaders may be facing either with respect to quiet quitting or, more generally, the impact of work environments on employee motivation, health and performance.

Reading time : 3 minutes.

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Top 5 Culture Bites Episodes for 2022

Here are our most downloadable episodes of Culture Bites over the last 12 months.

And interestingly the most popular episode is "How To Change An Aggressive Culture". An Aggressive / Defensive culture is reflective of the 3 P's - Pace, Pressure, and Prestige, a dog-eat-dog environment where it is dangerous to fail. So what are the key levers to create a Constructive Culture in order for satisfaction needs to be met? Find out how to challenge and encourage your team to succeed and exceed!

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