Into The Blue - October 2022

Published on 22 Nov 2022


What Is A High Functioning Team?

Teams that do not perform with synergy are simply groups of individuals that come together collectively at regular intervals. If you ask an individual what they are measured by within their team and they answer by ‘their output alone’ then they’re simply a group of individuals looking after their own patch.

Here David Byrum explores the six ingredients required to create a high functioning team.

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Debriefing Confidence of the LSI

This event is for newly Accredited Practitioners moving from the Accreditation workshops, to continue their learning through the Development Pathway.

The focus of this event is to increase your understanding, confidence and experience of debriefing the LSI to bring about a better experience for your client. Practice debriefing and observing a debrief using real data to gain a better understanding of the tool, learn from others experiences and explore variations to a debriefing approach.

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GSI : Getting The Most Out Of Teams

If you're accredited in the Life Styles Inventory™ (LSI) then you're accredited to use the Group Styles Inventory™ (GSI) too!

This event is for Accredited Practitioners to learn about the GSI, to continue their toolkit learning through the Development Pathway.

This event will teach you how to run and facilitate a GSI within an organisation and build your knowledge of debriefing the GSI to generate insights and actions of a team.

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We're Carbon Offsetting For Positive Climate Change

As climate change impacts our everyday lives, more than ever we've been looking to make better choices and do business with like-minded companies that have a transparent sustainability plan.

So we're partnering with @carbonhalo_ a company dedicated to empowering businesses and individuals with emissions reduction strategies and simple monthly plans using certified offsets.

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Into The Blue - September Connect 2022

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