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Remote LSI Debriefing II

Published on 07 Sep 2021
Human Synergistics Australia, Debriefing Remotely Article

Remote Debriefs are EVEN BETTER than face to face for some things... After hundreds of debriefs during the pandemic - we revisit the topic.

Looking for tips and tricks for remote LSI debriefing? How to do a remote Debrief? Corrine and Dominic revisit Remote Debriefing from episode 85 of Culture Bites. 

During the conversation we discussed various resources useful for Accredited Practitioners. We've put those below the episode for your reference.


Resources Mentioned on the Episode:

Debriefing Presentation (Example) - PPT to introduce the LSI/Circumplex (We both cut it down to fewer slides)

Interactive Circumplex - a Circumplex which you can click around to get definitions of the different styles

Remote Debriefing - Overview of approach and things to consider

Reflection and Actions_Before your next session - Reflection and Action planning workbook

How to Access the Virtual Profile Supplement - Guide to navigating the Accredited Portal to find it


What other tips / experiences have you had doing remote debriefs? Share with us on LinkedIn