Phocas - 2020 Asia-Pacific Conference

Published on 25 Jan 2021
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Myles Glashier - CEO and Co-Founder, Phocas
Karen Hailwood - Chief People Officer, Phocas

Phocas has a simple mission – to make people feel good about data. The tailored industry-focused solutions simplify data management through powerful analytics and visualization tools, and revolutionizes the way customers interact with their own information. Phocas changes the way people think and work, and makes it easier for people to be decisive and operate with confidence.

At the heart of Phocas is a commitment to our values - to make life ‘fun, fulfilling and forever’ for Phocas customers, employees and investors. The CEO & Co-founder Myles Glashier and Chief People Officer, Karen Hailwood will share the Phocas story of transformation from a small bootstrapped start-up – to an established global business with big growth plans – all in the rapidly changing world of SaaS. Alongside the innovative products we have a dedication to nurture a culture where people are trusted, have autonomy and feel good about coming to work each day. Our culture is fundamental to our success.