CEO Panel - 2020 Asia-Pacific Conference

Published on 25 Jan 2021
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Rebecca Kardos - CEO, Aurora Energy
Pat McCafferty - Managing Director, Yarra Valley Water
Vaughan Payne - CEO, Waikato Regional Council
Simon Towns, Managing Directory and President, Constellation Brands NZ
Jo Denvir - CEO, Lifewise

The Business Case for Culture: What a CEO needs to know
One of the most often asked questions we get about creating culture change is “how do I get my CEO on board?” We decided to ask them.

We engage five of our most experienced and effective CEO leaders in an insightful conversation about why they believe developing a constructive culture is so critical to the success of their organisations:
• What convinced them that the investment required to do the work was worthwhile?
• What have they learnt about how culture shapes performance in their organisation?
• If they needed to convince another CEO of the value of culture, what would they say?