Shaun McCarthy - Getting Culture Right

Published on 17 Sep 2019

Shaun McCarthy - Chairman, Human Synergistics Australia & New Zealand

Getting Culture Right
Can you easily describe your organisations culture? Do you know how it helps or hinders your efforts to achieve excellence? Do you know how to leverage its strengths and eliminate its weaknesses? What is culture and how does it differ from climate? This is not just an academic question. Getting culture right means looking at the right metrics. Employee engagement, for instance, is not a proxy for culture. It is an outcome of the interaction of culture and other contextual factors. But it is not culture. A strong engagement score can even blind you to inherent issues in your underlying culture that may not affect you now but will in times of disruption when the need for integration and adaptation becomes paramount. We are now well past any doubt about the relationship between organisational culture and performance. The research is clear. Real world experience is clear. When CEOs of the calibre of this year’s conference are prepared to speak out about culture, you know you’re onto something.

Shaun McCarthy - Human Synergistics Conference 2019 Presentation