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Introducing HS Analytics!

Published on 17 Jul 2019

Andrew Barbour_Client Service ManagerWe’re excited to announce that we’re launching a new section in the newsletter this month, HS Analytics! Each month the HS Analytics team will be sharing some insights mined from our dataset of thousands of organisations and individuals who have been through our suite of diagnostic tools.

This week we kick off with Andrew Barbour sharing some data around how culture can impact on the management of risk within an organisation. We’ll see that that those who had a constructive experience of the culture were almost 10 times as likely to feel they could speak up and challenge the way things are done and 12 times as likely to believe something would be achieved by doing so. What repercussions could this have for organisations with a defensive culture? Could investment in managing culture have saved some organisations from their recent pitfalls and financial/reputational woes?

Read the blog here!

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