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Learn Design Thinking with ExperienceInnovation™ in Sydney

Published on 28 May 2019

Develop a culture of innovation to turn great ideas into powerful solutions that make a real impact on your business.


Bring Great Solutions to Life

ExperienceInnovation™, built in collaboration with celebrated design consultancy IDEO, is an expert guided one day workshop that will enable your people to build innovation confidence and competence. They’ll emerge with foundational knowledge and real experience in design thinking so they can immediately put it to work to achieve impact in your organisation. Learn more about the ExperienceInnovation™ workshop.

When: 25 November 2019
Where: Human Synergistics, Level 6 41 McLaren Street, North Sydney
Investment: $850 (incl GST)
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Become a Certified Facilitator

Experience the workshop as a participant, then attend day two to become a Certified Facilitator. You will learn the best practices of facilitating the experience and understand how to build the simulation into new or existing offerings. Learn more about becoming a Certified Facilitator. Investment below includes both the participate and learn to facilitate days.


When: 25 November (Participate), 26 November (Learn to Facilitate)
Where: Human Synergistics, Level 6 41 McLaren Street, North Sydney
Investment: $3,500 (incl GST) and $2,700 for additional participants from same organisation
Ongoing cost for simulation: $440 including GST per person
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* Special Offer: If you register for both ExperienceChange™ and ExperienceInnovation™ workshops you will receive a special price of $6,200 (Incl GST) for both (saving $800!)

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