Culture Bites - 027 Conference Highlights

Published on 23 Oct 2018

In this episode, we talk about this year's inspiring Organisational Culture and Leadership Conference speakers. This podcast takes some highlights from all of the speakers and their presentations. If one sounds of particular interest - you can watch the full presentation in the videos below.

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Below are the full videos from this year's conference:

Rebecca Kardos

Rebecca Kardos
Managing Director / CEO
Aurora Energy

Courage & Commitment : That's Culture

Shifting a deeply embedded culture is complex and difficult. What happens when things don’t go to plan? When you learn that your perception doesn’t match reality? How do you as a leader continue to lead and move forward with the journey in the face of a significant setback? Leaders need courage, focus and long term personal commitment to sustain change. It is something Rebecca Kardos, CEO of Aurora Energy knows firsthand. In an honest and thought-provoking presentation, Rebecca shared her personal story and insights as a CEO of the ups and downs of culture transformation. 

Corinne Canter

Corinne Canter
Head of Consulting
Human Synergistics

Working Teams : That's Culture

We know that teams are capable of achieving more together than any one individual could possibly achieve on their own... when they are effective! Corinne shared how our new technology is providing teams with valuable insights through real-time feedback.

Christian Campanella

Christian Campanella
HR Director
Pernod Ricard

Leaders Impact : That's Culture

Over a period of a decade, Pernod Ricard Winemakers undertook significant change within their Australia operations as they reshaped their business footprint. During this time, successive employee engagement surveys demonstrated poor results and made Pernod Ricard Winemakers ask the question: what impact does leadership have on culture and performance? Christian share's how they answered that question by developing leaders who positively impact their teams and have achieved business results which exceeded expectations.

Rob Cooke

Robert A. Cooke, Ph.D.
CEO / Director
Human Synergistics International

Collateral Damage : That's Culture

We see it all the time, organisations keep making the headlines and as you get into the text of it, it’s about the collateral damage that they have caused, due to something they have done; finding more and more, that it’s attributed to their culture. Dr Cooke talks about the relationship between an organisation’s culture and collateral damage, and how it can enable us to work to reduce the likely hood, the probability and severity of collateral damage.

Kate Evans_Small

Kate Evans
Group Executive People & Culture

Performance : That's Culture

We know that Constructive Cultures deliver better business results. Kate share's her story of how SHAPE’s vision to have a highly constructive culture is being lived everyday as ‘the way we do things around here’. Demonstrating an undeniable link between the Constructive Culture Shape has built and the amazing business performance they achieved because of it. The SHAPE journey has involved making tough choices, increasing accountability, and building leadership capabilities. Kate shared the decisions, approach and performance data through her insightful and personal experiences with SHAPE.

Shaun McCarthy

Shaun McCarthy
Human Synergistics Australia and New Zealand

Sustaining Success : That's Culture

Sustaining performance is not about forever being outrageously successful and constantly growing – the notion of sustainability, is it could be about innovation, continuous improvement, overcoming obstacles, putting up with disruption, and surviving through such disruption. Shaun talks about the relationship between leader’s impact, decisions leaders make and the impact this has on the way people believe they have to behave in an organisation.


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