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In The News: Leadership and Culture, in Business and Cricket

Published on 18 Apr 2018

Two of our own, Corinne Canter and Daniel Holmes have both been published for their opinion pieces on the ongoing cricket headlines and ball tampering scandal, talking about leadership styles and Australian Cricket Culture. 


"In business & cricket: When groups make bad decisions it’s culture that’s flawed not one individual"
By Corinne Canter, in The Women's Agenda



Culture is ‘how we do things around here’. It also shapes how a leadership group will react when the stakes are high. Corrine Canter believes that in the case of the cricket tampering incident, we must ask how the culture became so unhealthy. It’s a lesson that can apply to teams everywhere. 

“If we need to cheat to beat anyone in any conditions, for any reason there is a deep, deep problem with what we are doing with our sport.” Michael Clarke

Yes Michael, there is a deep, deep problem in Australian cricket.  It’s called Culture. Click here to continue reading...

"Steve Smith’s captaincy has always been about winning"
By Daniel Holmes, in the Daily Telegraph


Daniel 1

STEVE Smith may be the best Australian batsman since Don Bradman but that doesn’t automatically make him the right person to lead the team. 

His leadership style has been visible for a long time on the field. If the team is winning his behaviour is great, if they are losing it takes a turn; cursing, head in hands, shaking his head constantly, frustrations for the world to see.

This shows Smith for who he really is: a perfectionist and highly competitive person. Post-game he’s known to talk about missed opportunities and how they and he could be better, at all times. It’s a small insight into the mind of the leader and expectations of the team seen through a rehearsed media interview. The ‘win and win perfectly’ culture. Smith didn’t inherit this team’s culture. He shaped and created it with his leadership and those in the leadership group. Click here to continue reading...