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Our Community Give Time For CareerTrackers

Published on 13 Dec 2017
Career Trackers 4 - LianaWe have the most amazing community of people who are passionate about what they do and about making a real difference. Recently we asked our community give up their time to help out the new batch of CareerTrackers interns. Every one of the people we asked can back with a big 'yes!' - how awesome is that?

CareerTrackers are a national non-profit that creates internship opportunities for Indigenous university students. They link students up with private sector employers to participate in multi-year internships. These internships provide the foot in the door opportunity for students to get into full time employment upon completing their degree. You might have seen CareerTrackers Founder/CEO, Michael Combs, talking at our conference a couple of years ago.

Career Trackers 2 - JohIn preparation of the 2017 batch interns taking up their positions in companies this summer, CareerTrackers held summits across the country to give the students the mindset and skills for entering the workforce. Human Synergistics were asked to help deliver a session around thinking and awareness - based on the concepts of the LSI1.

Given the events were all happening on the same days across Australia we asked for support from our community who were only too happy to help. A special thanks to everyone who gave up their time for such a great cause:

Sydney: Liana Sangster from Human Synergistics
Brisbane: Hannah Eddy from Shape Consulting
Melbourne: Joh Reinks from Joh Reinks Consulting
Adelaide: Nathan Hayes from BRS
Perth: Sasha Burnham from Veraison Development

Our mission is to change the world one organisation at a time - and the only way we are going to achieve that is together with our community. Thanks to the guys above who helped Career Trackers - as well as all of you reading this who work to change lives by building constructive people, teams and organisations

Career Trackers 6Career Trackers 7 - SashaCareer Trackers 3 - Nathan